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“I’m not just an object. I’ve made a choice. To be here, to be tied, and… not to deny my sexuality.”   

An art curator discovers that her daughter has amassed over 50,000 followers by posting semi-naked images of

herself on Instagram. Is this freedom of expression or exploitation and what is the difffference? When does art become

pornography and vice versa? How does a mother protect her daughter and when does protection become control?

Set against a backdrop of shifting generational attitudes to empowerment, feminism and sexuality and fusing theatre

and aerial work with the erotic art of Japanese rope bondage - shibari, Fringe First and Broadway World winning

Everything I See I Swallow is a fascinating exploration of epic themes in an intimate setting.  


Written and performed by Tamsin Shasha and Maisy Taylor

Devised by Tamsin Shasha, Maisy Taylor and Helen Tennison

Directed by Helen Tennison

Produced by Tamsin Shasha in association with aod

Sound composition and design by Matt Eaton

Lighting by Charlotte McClelland

Design by Helen Coyston

Technical Manager Dave Wimpenny

Associate Director and Videographer Katherine Sturt-Scobie

Dramaturgy Rishi Trikha

Aerial Outside Eye Tamzen Moulding

Voice Coach Annie Morrison

General Manager Megan Rogers

I remember the first conversation that Tamsin and I had about this project. We were sitting in an alcove at The British

Library, notepads open on blank pages in front of us, uncertain. When the topic of sexuality came up, I sat up. I’d

been working in strip clubs and as a nude art model for some years, and have always had a fascination with sexuality

and how it has changed through the ages. The way that we were speaking about it felt important. Tamsin’s

perspective and experience breathed life in to something that I had been thinking about for a long time.

Since then, the work has felt sentient. It’s kept us up at night, made us dance and laugh and cry. It has been an

absolute honour to create. We hope you enjoy it. - Maisy Taylor

With thanks to

The Lowry, Arts Council England and Caterham School for your support. Actors of Dionysus, for supporting our

Associate Director’s Programme and offffering producing support. Anna Bones and Fred Hatt at Anatomie Studio for

your teaching support, rope loan and lovely new rehearsal space. Kelly and Ben at Teardrop Circus for the rope loan.

Florence Ellis, The Other Richard, Sean Longmore, Claire Clifton-Coles and Ambar Dandrea for your excellent pics.

SFP Communications LTD for getting the show out there. Kim Garbett and Sean Longmore for your impeccable

design skills. Our valued supporters who have contributed to the show. Our creative team for being simply wonderful.

Everyone who has had a hand in helping the show come together, we are so grateful!

If you liked the show join the discussion at #EverythingISeeISwallow

We’d love to hear your thoughts - for questions, comments and booking enquiries contact |

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